5: Bringing Numbers to Life

LAS 103D, Section 5

Have you ever wondered how industry, businesses, advertising agencies, insurance companies, and government agencies like the CDC and FBI make critical decisions? One major key to making informed choices in an ever-changing world is letting data speak. Data have the power to “bring truth through numbers” in complex situations like tracking an epidemic or performing a risk analysis for a business. In this learning team we explore the power of data and role numbers play in real-world scenarios ranging from infectious diseases to human rights and criminal justice - and we may even throw in some sports along the way! We hear from professionals who see the impact that data analytics has on each of their different fields, explore the meaning of “Big Data” and how data impact the world around us every day.

I learned a lot from all the opportunities provided to talk to older students and people in our profession of interest” - LC student, Fall 2017